Sunday, December 4, 2022

Police Arrest Reverend Obofour Over Wee Smoking… But He Claims The Holy Spirit Ordered Him


Police have arrested popular Ghanaian prophet, Reverend Obofour after he allowed a young man to openly smoke a suspected narcotic substance during a church service.

Reverend Obofour, who is known for performing ridiculous miracles and spreading cash anyhow asked the man, identified as Razak to light and smoke the alleged narcotic substance (‘wee’) in a bid to deliver him from evil spirit.

Razak did not resist Reverend Obofour’s instructions in a viral video sighted by He pleasingly pulled a small box containing one roll of ‘wee’ (marijuana), set it on fire and smoked it right in the church auditorium.

IMAGE: Reverend Obofour (L) and Razak (R)

Thick smoke oozed from Razak’s ear, nose and mouth after he puffed the narcotic substance in a grand style.

Police Invitation

Marijuana (or ‘wee’) is a banned substance in Ghana. Hence, on Thursday October 31, 2019 the Accra Regional Police Command extended an invitation to Reverend Obofour to assist with investigations into the infamous ‘wee miracle’ incident.


Reverend Obofour honoured the police invitation. Reports said when he was asked about what happened, Obofour claimed he was in the ‘spiritual realm’ and didn’t see anyone smoking weed in his church.

Another report indicated that Reverend Obofour also claimed he was possessed by the Holy Spirit and it was the Holy Spirit who ordered the young man to smoke the wee during the deliverance service and not him.


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