Man Jailed 20 Years For Killing Neighbour’s Dog To Prepare Light Soup

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An Indian man will spend 20 years in jail for hitting a dog with his car and using the carcass to prepare light soup.

According to information gathered by, the convict whose name is translated in English as ‘Lucky’ knocked down a neighbour’s dog early Monday morning whiles reversing his car.

Prosecutors said the incident happened whiles the owner of the dog had gone to work and it was expected that Lucky would report the matter to the police.

Instead, Lucky wrapped up the dead dog in a polythene bag, rushed it to his kitchen and called his friends to help him to prepare pepper soup with the dead animal.

Lucky was however unlucky when he appeared before a Magistrates Court. He was fined $200 to compensate the dog owner.

Lucky managed to pay the fine instantly. But he was put behind bars for 20 years because the Court found that he had put too much pepper in the soup which could cause him to die.

The Court also ruled that Lucky deliberately knocked down the down the dog and arranged with friends to use the carcass for a big party. also gathers that the owner of the dog is unsatisfied with the ruling and rather prefers harsher punishment for Lucky.

The dog owner is reported to have told the Press that ‘They have deprived me of my source of happiness. Who will lead me when I do my early morning jogging?’.

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