Lady Poisons Sugar Daddy After Finding Out That He Has Saved Her Name On Phone As ‘Borla Bird’

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You just have to be extra careful about how you save the name of your partners on your mobile phone.

A Ghanaian lady is reported to have attempted to poison her sugar daddy after she found out that the man had saved her name on his mobile phone as ‘borla bird’.

In case you didn’t know, ‘borla bird’ is a very tiny looking bird which eats a lot and makes the most noise at dawn.

Whatever it is, the Ghanaian lady thinks that as a side chick, she deserves a special place in the heart of the sugar daddy so she expected him to save her name on the mobile phone as sweetheart, sweetie pie, love or honey.

The claim on social media is that the lady has dated her lover for 18 months but she only got to know that her sugar daddy had saved her name as ‘borla bird’ this week. has learnt that the lady was brokenhearted as soon as she discovered that that man-she loves so much- had labelled her as ‘borla bird’.

According to information, the Ghanaian lady initially thought of poisoning her sugar daddy. She however aborted her deadly decision following a touching advice from one of her friends.

The friend suggested to her that she should be concerned about how much money the sugar daddy could give her other than how the sugar daddy has saved her name on his mobile phone.

The lady’s friend said in a text message sighted by on social media that;

‘It is the cash that matters. Forget about being called a ‘borla bird’. Your sugar daddy can even save your name as ‘vuvuzela’ but if he gives you real cash, sponsors your education, buys whatever you need in life and doesn’t demand s*x just as the small small boys do, don’t worry at all. Stay with him’.

It is a fact that girls of today like to flirt with sugar daddies.  Quite a coincidence, another Ghanaian lady with the name Akosua Oduraa Kaakyire Makafui has shared a post with regards to how her sugar daddy also saved her name on his mobile phone as ‘borla bird’.

Akosua stated in an Instagram post that; ‘You won’t believe my sugar daddy saved my name borla bird’.

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