Story Of Broken Heart Woman: ‘He Told Me He’s Into Oil And Gas Business Not Knowing He Sells Palm Oil And Gas Cylinder’

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A 35-year-old woman has regretted falling in love with a Nigerian man who claimed to work in an oil and gas company.

The broken hearted woman, known as Esther Lawson told in an exclusive interview that, she met her Nigerian lover, Sunday Obasanjo at the club one weekend.

Esther said it was love at first sight so she could not resist it when Sunday proposed to be her boyfriend at the club.

‘I felt goosebumps all over my body’, Esther revealed ‘I loved his body perfume, his stature and the car he was driving. He killed me with his voice; it was as smooth as chilled water’.

She continued: ‘I jumped into the air when Sunday told me he works in the oil and gas company. That moment, I called myself lucky. I knew my life has changed. In my head I said goodbye to poverty like 150 times’.

Esther further told that Sunday actively posed himself as a rich oil and gas businessman throughout the three months period they were dating.

Esther added that ‘He gave me money and paid my brother’s school fees at the University. I was happy to have my soul mate support my family. I gave him errr… in return’.

According to Esther, she got shocked when a friend informed her that Sunday was not a staff of an oil and gas company.

‘Truly, my friend held my hands to town. I got to know Sunday sells palm oil and gas cylinder but he lied to me he works in an oil and gas company’, Esther said whiles weeping.

Ladies too can tell wicked lies when they are in a relationship.

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