Woman Beats Up Husband After He Refused To Wash Her Pantied And That Of Her Mother

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A Ghanaian woman has reportedly beaten up her husband after he refused to wash ladies’ panties at home.

The incident happened in Asokwa, a suburb of Kumasi on Sunday.

Kasatintin.com gathers that the couple (name withheld) decided to wash the family clothes together on that fateful Sunday morning.

A credible source revealed that the couple however had serious argument over the washing ladies underwear.

‘How can you ask your husband to wash your dirty panties and that of your mother this Holy Sunday morning. I won’t do it. It’s a taboo, woman’, the man said in anger.

The eyewitness continued that ‘The man’s wife however insisted that he washed the panties since he will not die after touching a woman’s pant’.

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Kasatintin.com has learnt that the man has considered divorcing his wife by the end of the month.

His reason is that his wife has remarkably disrespected him, and further embarrassed him in the presence of his co-tenants.

The man is said to be always complaining about his wife’s behaviour since the incident happened.

He is quoted as often saying whiles having a drink with friends that ‘How can you stretch your tinny hand to slap your husband? I’m can’t marry you’.

Watch the video below.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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