Friday, December 9, 2022

Check Out Fans Reaction To Jose Mourinho’s First Training Session At Tottenham Hotspur (See Video)

ADVERTISEMENT can report that Jose Mourinho has been appointed as the new head coach of Tottenham Hotspur.

Mourinho will manage the team for four years. His contract expires in 2023.

Tottenham sacked their former manager Mauricio Pochettino after being in charge of the Premier League club for five years.

The Spurs have made a disappointing start to the current campaign and are 14th in the Premier League, and this could be the only reason why Management of the team replaced Pochettino.

New coach Mourinho (nicknamed the Special One) took his first training session with the Spurs on Wednesday.

Check out some of the reactions of some football fans who watched the training session online.


Joel Okumu said: ‘Would have never watched a Tottenham training session, if it wasn’t for the special one.’

C Haguyasi commented that : ‘I can’t wait till he fields his first ever Tottenham starting eleven.’


There are more comments and analysis in  the video below. Watch now.


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