EXCLUSIVE: Cristiano Ronaldo Secretly Weds Girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez (See Photos)

Your most gossipy news website, Kasatintin.com has gathered that Cristiano Ronaldo has secretly married his long-time girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez in Morocco.

Apparently, the couple tied the knot in August this year. It was a celebrity wedding but no camera was allowed at the Ronaldos ‘ wedding ceremony.

Kasatintin.com has learnt that the celebrated International footballer has been dating Georgina since 2016. It is an undeniable fact that Ronaldo loves his 25-year-old girlfriend so much. He is ready to die for Georgina.

Ronaldo, 34 confessed in a media interview that: ‘She helped me so much. Of course I’m in love with her. We’ll be (married) one day, for sure. It’s my mum’s dream as well.’ 

‘So, one day. Why not? It’s great. She’s my friend. We have conversations. I open the heart for her and she opens the heart for me.’


IMAGE: Ronaldo and Georgina smiling before the camera

Georgina also recently admitted that it’s’ not easy’ dating someone who is always in the public eye, yet she is happier being with Ronaldo.


She said: ‘Being the partner of someone so famous is not easy but I would not change it for the world.’

Ronaldo and Georgina have one young daughter together, in addition to Ronaldo’s 3 other children.


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