Witches Association Gives A Whooping $1,000 Christmas Gift To Its Hardworking Members

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The leadership of the Witches Association of Ghana has taken a decision to reward its hardworking members in a special way.

The President of the Witches Association of Ghana, Maame Yaa Akua Donkor revealed at a recent workshop for aged witches that:

‘Leadership is working hard to improve the welfare of members. Henceforth you will receive one thousand dollars (US$1,000) if you meet your target and remain committed to the mission of this association.’

Over 5,000 witches aged between 45 and 70 years attended the workshop. Maame Yaa Akua Donkor giving her keynote address said ‘Witchcraft is a serious business; It is not for lazy people. Be proud if someone calls you a witch’

Your most gossipy news website, Kasatintin.com has sighted a copy of Maame Yaa Akua Donkor’s speech.

She told members of the witches association that ‘Your family and friends will abandon you and also fast and pray against you because of the job you do.

‘They will even send you to the prayer camp, witches camp and so forth. But don’t give up.

The witches association is here to support you. We are starting with US$ 1,000. Bigger packages will be announced later.’

Maame Yaa Akua Donkor used the occasion to remind the witches to participate in the association’s activities slated for this Christmas season and Easter celebration.

‘Mind you, this is not free money. You must work very hard for the association this Christmas and during the Easter season to benefit from this welfare package. We need to grow.’

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She also mentioned that witches in Nigeria, Togo and Benin were impressed with the way the Ghana Witches Association are managing the welfare of its members.

‘Ghana’s doing well in everything theses days. Maame Yaa Akua Donkor noted ‘ Witches club in Togo, Benin and Nigeria want to learn something from us. I have received invitation to come and lecture them on our cogent welfare.’

Watch the video below for more.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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