Actress Juliet Ibrahim Speaks In Parables; Says She’ll Not Do ‘Anything’ For Free In 2020. And We Know Exactly What She Means!

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Although we are in the eleventh month of the year 2019, Ghanaian actress and producer, Juliet Ibrahim is rather thinking about how will do things her way in the coming year.

Juliet Ibrahim, 33 has ‘pledged’ not to do ‘anything’ for free in 2020.

The actress posted a very deep and ambiguous message on her Instagram page a while ago and said ‘2020 is the year of not doing anything for free; not even masturbati0n’.

A lot of people are simply confused about what Juliet Ibrahim has just said on social media.

They have attempted to draw their own meanings from the actress’ seemingly simple social media post.

Juliet Ibrahim said 2020 is the year she will personally not do ‘anything’ for free.

But ‘anything’ could be anything. Do you get what we mean?

If you still don’t understand what the statement means kindly ask your Grandma.

Check out Juliet Ibrahim’s Instagram post below as sighted by


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