Pastor Flogs Church Members For Missing Sunday Morning Service

TRENDING VIDEO: Ugandan pastor wh!ps church members

A Ugandan man of God has been caught on tape disciplining his congregation members who missed church service.

The controversial Ugandan pastor identified as Paul Muwanguzi was seen in a viral video flogging the hell out of his church members who missed his previous service.

The church members were seen lying on the floor as the pastor angrily walked through them and flogged each one of them as if he caught them lying on top of his wife.

But their offence is that they did not turn up for church on Sunday morning.

IMAGE: Pastor Muwanguzi flogging his church members

Social media users have condemned the man of God for the act.


However, we can not confirm if the incessant social media bashing will push Pastor Muwanguzi to render an unqualified apology to his church members.


‘Pastor Paul Muwanguzi canes his followers who didnt turn up for church service the previous Sunday. But Uganda why??’, one social citizen said in a post sighted by

Social media users are obviously unhappy about what the Ugandan pastor has done.


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