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Dog Meat Is Nutritious, Can Also Boost Your Sę_ x Drive. Just Read

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There is a good reason why certain tribes in Ghana eat dog meat.

One of the several ethnic tribes in the country often reported for eating dog meat is the Frafra people or Gur tribe who inhabit the north-east region of Ghana and southern Burkina Faso.

The Frafra and Dagaaba, also a major tribe in the country sometimes participate in tribal games that involve consuming dog meat. The winner takes home a dog head as the trophy.

According to sources, consumption of dog meat has soared in the last 5 years probably because people have discovered that it tastes better than chicken, pork and fish.

Dog meat can be used to prepare soup, stew or kebab (otherwise called ‘kyinkyinga’). The delicacy can also be served at all functions- birthday party, naming ceremony, get-together and many more.

Stephen Atoniga, a butcher at the Konkomba Market in Accra told that ‘More people are now buying dog meat because it is delicious and offers special protection against witchcraft’.


Atobiga explained that ‘Anybody who eats dog meat cannot be harmed spiritually by an evil doer’.

He stated that ‘In real life, a dog protects its owner from physical attacks. Same way, you get spiritual protection if you eat dog meat. No witch or evil doer can harm you if you eat the meat of a dog’.


The good news is that dog meat is also believed to be rich in vitamins which have the tendency to improve one’s s3xual desires well as enhance s3xual performance.

Peter Lomotey, who sells ice cream at Kwame Nkrumah Circle describes dog meat as ‘manpower.’

Peter told in an interview that a friend introduced the delicacy to him about 8 years ago.

‘Dog meat and light soup are just a perfect combination for eating fufu or Fante kenkey’ Peter said and added ‘As if by magic, my pen!s becomes harder and thicker anytime I eat dog meat. I go looong journey…my girlfriends always sit on hot water after we make love’.

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