I Won’t Forget The Day You Ch0pped Me And Made Me Run Away Leaving My Underwear Behind…Lady Shares Full Story In This Post

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Ladies let’s talk. What made you visit him once and never went back? This is the big question that has got people talking on social media this week.  

As her contribution to this hot topic, one Ghanaian lady (named Adwoa Assabil on social media) shared a heartbreak!ng story to explain why she never bothered to visit her boyfriend again after their first encounter.

According to Adwoa Assabil she made a promise not to step a foot in the guy’s house again due to the way he screwed her in bed the first time they met.

She said the guy gave her a strong d0ggy which nearly got her paralyzed. But Adwoa Assabil indicated that she saved herself by running away from the bedroom.

She left her underwear behind in the process while the d0ggy style s*x got her limping for several hours.

‘Guy gave me doggy and I almost got paralyzed’ Adwoa Assabil confessed ‘I left his house without my bra. When I got home my mum asked why I was limping and I told her I fell down’.

The results of d0ggy style is deep penetration. Adwoa Assabil claimed that the jolly ‘stick’ of her guy almost destroyed her womb and lungs.

She said ‘This guy never bothered to check on me but had the guts to send me a message the next day telling me I left my bra in his house. That day I told myself I am done with ewe guys. They can shift your womb and dislocate your lungs’.

See a snapshot of Adwoa Assabil’s post below.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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