Friday, December 9, 2022

Gospel Singer Obaapa Christy Remarries After 8 Years Of Divorce (See Photos)

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Popular Ghanaian gospel musician, Obaapa Christy is reported to have married a new husband this Saturday, December 14.

Obaapa Christy and her former husband, Pas­tor Love Hammond, who is the General Overseer of the Life Power Miracle Church got separated about 8 years ago. Together, they had 3 children.

Obaapa Christy, who used to be called Christiana Love dropped her ex-husband’s name following her bitter and very public divorce. gathers that Obaapa Christy attempted to settle with another man in 2014 but Pastor Love did not allow it since he thought their marriage was not officially dissolved then.


According to News-One, Pastor Love claimed that ‘no court has officially dissolved his mar­riage with Christiana and he does not see how she would give birth for anoth­er man and then allow the man to marry her.’

IMAGE: Obaapa Christy’s traditional marriage

 ‘Now the truth is out that the things I was saying in 2011 were all true. The man she is married to even has a wife; her name is Auntie Kate from Kumasi Tafo. She called me on phone and told me her husband and my wife were flirt­ing in Germany but when I called the man he denied and when I asked my wife she got angry and said she won’t marry me anymore.’


‘Recently I heard Chris­tiana and the man, Nana Frankie, had returned to Ghana and were staying at Kasoa Kalabule and when I did my checks, she has given birth for him. A baby girl, and he has married her ooo.

He has married my wife. Even my wife’s sister has come out to confirm on radio that my wife has married another man. My wife ooo.’


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