Monday, November 28, 2022

Not Again! Angry Customers ‘Wh!p’ Zoe Outreach Embassy Founder In Public To Force Him To Pay Back Money They Invested In His Business

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One of the richest pastors in Ghana, Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri has just been att@acked by some customers who claim to have invested millions of money in a range of businesses owned by the man of God.

Media reports suggest that hundreds of people were attracted to do business with Pastor Kelvin Kobiri because he was a respectable man of God.

But some customers could not hold their patience any longer as the pastor allegedly begun to play hide and seek with them, and almost always telling them ‘cock and bull stories’ on when exactly they would start to receive their locked up funds.

IMAGE: Pastor Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri

Some of the aggrieved customers have st0rmed Pastor Kobiri’s church, Zoe Outreach Embassy several times to demand the payment of their funds. It is the Police who saved the man of God from those h0rrible instances.

As the saying goes: ‘ A hungry man is an angry man’.


Watch how some customers h£ckled Pastor Kelvin Kobiri when they caught him filli filli in his house in the video below.



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