Vag!na And P£nis Are Meant For People Who Know How To Treat It And Eat It Right–Vicky Zugah

Popular Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah is talking oral s*x in the latest video has sighted online.

Vicky Zugah noted in the trending video which she posted on her Instagram page on Friday that, the vagina and pen! s are meant for people who know how to treat it and eat it right.

According to her, before you engage in oral s*x you must first of all find out from your partner whether or not they like it.

‘Don’t just assume everyone likes it’, she said.


‘Secondly, make sure you are clean down there. I advice oral s*x after a clean, good bath especially the men shave your ball$ if you want your d!ck to be $ucked’ Vicky Zugah added.

To her fellow ladies, she said ‘Women if you want to suck the d!ck start from the base of the d!ck. Don’t use your teeth. Use saliva and your tongue only. And don’t forget to $uck his balls as well. Moan whiles you are $uck!ng his d!ck mmm ahaa…’


In a related news, Adom FM Newscaster, Afia Tamakloe has recommended that men should wash their ball$ with warm water at least twice a day.

The news presenter stated that ‘As a man, keeping your p£n!s healthy and sweet is important. Your sexual organs are very valuable and must be cared for.’


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