Monday, November 28, 2022

Man BREAK UP With Wife; Claims She EATS Too Much (See Video)


A 42-year-old man has divorced his wife claiming she eats too much.

The man, who is popularly called Borga Joe told in an interview that he simply can’t entertain his wife’s eating habit anymore.

Borga Joe said ‘My wife is not pregnant yet he eats 8 times in a day. Give her 5 balls of kenkey, she will finish it for you within a second. In the next minutes,give her a big bowl of fufu, she’ll empty the bowl. Her stomach never go on break’.

Borga Joe claimed that his wife’s uncontrollable love for food has drained his finances and caused him emotional stress.


‘I can’t continue to marry her again’, he said and added that ‘I have asked her to pack her belongings from my house’.

A family member told that Borga Joe’s wife has been eating excessively, at least every 20 minutes in recent times due to a strange medical condition.


The couple have been married for 6 years. They are blessed with two children.

There is more in the video below. Click and watch now.


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