Thursday, December 1, 2022

Pay Your Boyfriend Every Month If He Gives You Good S*x– Unemployed Boyfriends Association President


President of the Unemployed Boyfriends Association of Ghana (UBA-Gh), Kwame Nsiah has urged women to start paying some form of allowances to their unemployed boyfriends at the end of every month.

Kwame Nsiah said members of the UBA-Gh considers l0ving making as a full time job hence they have the right to demand money so far as they make their girlfriends happy in bed.

President of the unemployed men’s group stated in an exclusive interview with on Monday that ‘We love to work but there are no jobs in the country at the moment.

If you look at it critically, the population of women in the country and even the world exceeds the number of men. If every man decides to marry at least three women at a go, there will still be leftovers’.

‘If you are just lucky to have a boyfriend treat him well. Pay him good money at the end of every month so he will be motivated to give you more fantastic s*x’, Kwame Nsiah said.

He also hinted that the association will soon embark on door-to-door campaign to enlist more men into the association.


Kwame Nsiah insisted ‘Men are the weakest sex not women. It is reasonable to give him money if he makes you very happy ‘.

Would you ever pay your boyfriend -who is unemployed- at the end of every month just because he gives you good s*x?


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