Thursday, December 1, 2022

My Husband Once Ch0pped Me So Hard; I Couldn’t Walk For 3 Days–Lady Claims On Social Media


Your most gossipy news website, published a report a month ago in which a lady shared a story and explained why she never bothered to visit her boyfriend again after their first encounter.

Adwoa Assabil whiles contributing to a social media discussion ‘Ladies let’s talk. What made you visit him once and never went back?’ said she almost got paralyzed the first day she and her guy had rigorous s*x.

Adwoa Assabil stated that ‘Guy gave me doggy and I almost got paralyzed.

‘I left his house without my bra. When I got home my mum asked why I was limping and I told her I fell down’.

She confessed that ‘This guy never bothered to check on me but had the guts to send me a message the next day telling me I left my bra in his house.

That day I told myself I am done with ewe guys. They can shift your womb and dislocate your lungs’, Adwoa Assabil added.


It is true. Don’t argue. At least, 60% of Ghanaian guys possess that sweetest d!ck which can make a pu$$y cry maamaama.

One Ghanaian social media celebrity, Queen Facardi who reportedly got ‘married’ recently has given great testimony about the s*xual performance of her husband.


Check out a snapshot of her post below.


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