So Sad: Moesha Boduong Is Seriously Ill. Could It Be A Spiritual Attack?

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Your most gossipy news website, can report that Ghanaian actress and slay queen Moesha Boduong has been sick for some days now.

The exact cause of Moesha’s illness is unknown at this time.

The actress has also been tight-lipped on what is actually worrying her.

But Moesha’s long silence on her ill-health has given room for wild speculations.

Social media is rife with rumours that Moesha may be down with malaria. Others however have linked the sickness of the Ghanaian celebrity to a spiritual attack.

The good news is that Moesha has fully recovered from her unknown sickness.

Reports say Moesha locked up herself in the room for 7 days and petitioned God to heal her. But her fans also held a marathon prayer session to bring her back to live.

To these fans, she said in an Instagram post: ‘I’m really grateful for all the concern you all’ve shown me during my sickness. Thank you soo much. I’m love you all ‘.

But Moesha Boduong’s blood pressure is bound to go up in the next 30 seconds.

‘Hour-glass shape’ actress Princess Shyngle has revealed a dirty secret about Moesha Boduong.

Princess Shyngle has claimed in Instagram post that Moesha has an 8-year-old son who she has ‘abandoned’.

She stated that : ‘Did y’all know that Moesha has a son that’s 8 years old. She lies to everyone saying that’s her cousin son but it’s a damn lie.’

Princess Shyngle added that : ‘She had the baby and left him with her dad and step mom to raise while she’s out there galavanting [sic] with rich married men traveling the world and forming big girl. Aunty moe go and take care of your son oh’.

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Check out Princess Shyngle’s full post below this article.


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