Friday, February 3, 2023

Nollywood Actor Mike Ezuruonye Goes ‘Blind’ Due To Too Much Exposure To Film Production Light

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Kasatintin.com can report that Nollywood star Mike Ezuruonye has recently had a major eye surgery following a strange condition which affected both eyes.

We can also report that Mike Ezuruonye’s eye surgery lasted for more than 8 hours.

Mike Ezuruonye indicated in a social media post the surgery was done to correct an abnormal growth which affected the pupil of his eyes. The actor said he almost lost his sight as a result of too much exposure to harsh movie production lights over the years.

Good looking Mike Ezuruonye revealed his blood run cold when he was advised to undergo surgery in order not to completely lose his eyesight.

A source told Kasatintin.com that the actor visited the loo countless times prior to his eye surgery in the theatre.

Mike Ezuruonye shared a photo of his surgery on Instagram and said ‘After Surgery, for over 8 hrs ,i was without sight as my eyes were Demanded Tightly Closed,Tightly Shut by the Ophthalmologist Team of Doctors..Hmnnn..


These Made me Appreciate more the GIFT of Sight GOD gave me…Goshhhh that I can never ever take for Granted..Scary experience…But GOD is always Faithful..Glad Surgery was SUCCESSFUL and i will be back real soon to my work and Passion…’

See Mike Ezuruonye’s Instagram post below.


SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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