Man Gets Married To The Woman He Met On the Public Toilet Some Years Ago

People meet their partners through weird circumstances and places. Can you imagine a man met his wife whiles using a public toilet one morning?

Kojo Ofosu Ampofo disclosed in an exclusive interview with that, he first met the woman he is married to now, when he mistakenly ran into her after using the toilet at the Neoplan Station in Accra.

Kojo, 47 said the incident happened about 16 years ago. He was traveling to Kumasi to visit his grandmother; his ‘wife’ too was going to the same destination but to attend a wedding ceremony.

Kojo revealed that ‘It was a sweet mistake…It was love at first sight. She too was around to pass water. We bumped into each other at the main door of the washroom. Her handbag fell, exposing some of its contents. But that was not her headache at that moment’.

‘She hurried to the urinal without saying a word to me’ he said and added ‘I stayed behind to gather the items back into the handbag… She thanked me…We exchanged phone numbers and the relationship started from here’.


Kojo indicated that he married his partner in the next six months because he couldn’t not afford to lose her to another man.


He explained that ‘She’s so beautiful, lovely, a counselor and a good cook. I’m not a f00l. I married her within a short time and we now have four children’.

There is more in the video below. Click and watch now.


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