Funny Face Writes A letter To Ex-Wife; Tells Her He’s No More A ‘2 Minutes Man’

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Ghanaian comedian, Funny Face has finally forgiven his ex-wife, Nana Adwoa who called him a 2 minutes man.

Funny Face and Nana Adwoa ended their two-year old marriage in 2016.

It was ‘f!reworks’ as each of them attempted to offer explanations as to why the marriage ended on the rocks.

Funny Face accused his ex-wife of cheating on him whiles she also tagged him for being a ‘2 minutes man’.

Media reports speculated that Nana Adwoa broke up with Funny Face due to  lack of quality s*x.

‘I am a beautiful and naturally endowed woman but unfortunately, Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng [a.k.a Funny Face] could not satisfy me sexually. My ex-husband is suffering from early ejaculation and I had cautioned him on several occasions but he wouldn’t listen to me’.

In a rebuttal, Funny face is claimed to have said that:

‘When someone gives their love, trust, loyalty and you accept to be committed but later throw all their sacrifices to the dogs and cheat on them, you are no different from a witch or a wizard…It takes a huge amount of sorcery and witchcraft to cheat, cheating on your partner is equal to murder’.

It was obvious the couple could not stay under one roof together. They finally got separated.

The comedian moved on and got married to another woman. He is now a proud dad of twin girls.

But Face Funny wants his former wife to forgive him. He said :

‘…For some years now .. I have haboured soo much hatred and Anger towards you .. you have da least idea ! While praying dis dawn .. I felt it deep in my spirit … dat I have to do dis publicly .. from today Nana .. I FORGIVE YOU .. everything you said abt me during our fight .. everything I said abt u too .. pls FORGIVE ME .. let’s live peacefully on dis earth for da world we see today is passing away soo quickly..’ ..

Read full message in the Instagram post below.

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