Don’t Use Condom; Go Ahead And Impr3gnate The Women On Valentine’s Day– President Of Tanzania

Today is 14th February, a day observed across the world as Valentine’s Day.

Records show that a lot of unwanted pregnancies are recorded on this day. This is because most people often engage themselves in unplanned s*xual intercour$e on this day.

So, will you use condom or any form of contraceptives supposing you have planned to have s*x this Valentine’s Day?

You won’t have the opportunity to use condom or any other contraceptive if you are in Tanzania.

This is because President John Magufuli has placed a ban on contraceptive adverts in the country.

According to the President, Tanzania needs its people to do their bit in increasing the countries populations.


President Magufuli blames the easy access to contraceptives as part of the problem in people not having many kids.

He added that contraceptive adverts encourage people not to have children and the lack of children will impact the countries economy in the future.


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