Sunday, February 5, 2023

Nigerian Businessman Dies Whiles Having An Affair With Side Chick On Valentine’s Day (See Video)


A Nigerian businessman has reportedly lost his life whiles having an affair with his side chick in a Lagos hotel on Valentine’s Day.

The lady is suspected to have reported herself to the police after the incident.

The wife of the deceased however believes that her husband is still alive and engaged in a ‘special business meeting’ just as he made her known before leaving home Friday morning.


Hotel managers, as part of their strict policy are unwilling to comment on the sudden death of the businessman.

The police have commenced investigations into case. The police do not want to grant any media interview until they are fully armed with the facts on the Valentine’s Day death.

Leaked information suggest that the police found 15 pieces of used condoms and several bundles of tissues soaked with sperms and sweet vag!na fluid when they entered the hotel room of the deceased.


People who seem to know the deceased too well have concluded that the man possibly died as a result of too much s* x.

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