VIDEO: Guy Weeps Like A Sick Baby After Lady Dumped Him For A Sugar Daddy

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A young Ghanaian guy could not hold himself after his girlfriend cheated on him possibly with a rich sugar daddy.

The guy, who is seen crying uncontrollably in a viral video sighted by explained that he broke down after he caught his girlfriend having a chat on the phone with another man.

‘It can even happened that that guy has not eaten for the past 3 days. He must learn to get over it. Should take it as one of those lessons in life’, one social media user commented.

Another user observed that ‘It is assumed that ‘A girl crying over a guy is normal, but if a guy cries for a girl, she means more to him’.

Let’s check out other comments.

‘If broken heart catches you noo i bey sayaaa u go do. Crying nkoaa’.

‘What else can make a guy cry over a girl if not because of her sweet t0nga?’

Watch the video below.

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