Coronavirus: Gov’t Ships ‘Shito, Gari and Kenkey’ To stranded Ghanaian Students In China

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TRENDING VIDEO: Watch,share. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, Kasatintin TV has learnt that government has dispatched cartons of assorted local food items to China to be distributed to over 300 Ghanaian students who are currently stranded in Wuhan, the epicentre of the new coronavirus disease.

According to information ‘Additional amounts of US$50,000.00 and US$200,000.00 have also been transferred separately to the Mission in Beijing to cater for the emergency needs of the students’.

‘The Mission is working with the student leadership in Wuhan to collate the names and bank details of beneficiary students. The accounts of students are expected to be credited by Wednesday, 20th February 2020’, reports said.

The items had been shipped to Ghana’s Mission in Beijing for onward distribution to the students in the locked-down Wuhan city.

Earlier, media reports have hinted of government’s plan to ship loads of Ghanaian staple foods like shito, gari and kenkey that can last over 2 weeks without going bad, to the Ghanaian students who have been trapped in the Chinese province of Wuhan as a result of the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

The decision to transport local food items, according to the media was based on the request of the students who had allegedly complained that they were running out of stock of food and also greatly lost appetite for Chinese foods.

The students, through the China chapter of the National Union of Ghana Students have appealed to government to evacuate them as the coronavirus disease continues to wreak havoc.

However, it appears the evacuation of the students from the infested Wuhan city is not an option for now.

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Coronavirus: Causes, Death Toll According to WHO

The coronavirus is spreading like bushfire. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a global health emergency over the disease which has killed more than 1,000 people worldwide.

Nearly 43,000 cases have been reported globally, most of them in China’s Hubei province.

The real cause of the deadly coronavirus is yet to be uncovered by scientists. However, some people still believe the virus has a spiritual connection.

Funny enough, the administrator of a WhatsApp group has allegedly ordered members who are using China-made phones to leave the group as a measure to stop the outbreak of the coronavirus.

A viral post sighted by read:

‘General announcement.the Group Admin is informing all those
using Chinese phones to leave the group, because they are suspected of CORONA VIRUS. I don’t want 2 mention your name just leave in peace’. READ MORE. Click on this link.

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