REVEALED: The Guy Tracy Dumped Before Marrying Kwame Despite’s Rich Son Is A National Service Personnel Who’s Paid As Low As GHC 559 A Month

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Osei Kwame Despite’s son, Kennedy and his wife, Tracy have succedded in defining what every ‘perfect white wedding ceremony’ should like in the country.

The couple set an example by having the most expensive wedding ceremony which has grabbed the attention of the media for weeks now.

It is believed that Tracy was still a virgin before she met Kennedy. Reports however claim that Tracy had a guy called Richie, who he dated for 5 years. can report that Tracy was meant to be married into a rich family.

A Ghanaian prophet is sighted in an exclusive video giving a prophecy about Tracy’s marriage in the presence of large congregation.

Prophecy fulfilled. Can you imagine how Tracy is feeling right now?

A lot has been said about how Tracy met her lovely Prince Kennedy.

It has emerged that Kennedy played a smart game to woo Tracy from her ex-lover Richie who has learnt is currently doing his national service in a state-owned institution in Tema.

Richie is paid just GHC 559 every month. How can he battle for the love of the same girl a billionaire’s son has expressed interest in?

Watch how a guy broke down in uncontrollable tears after lover cheated on him.

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