Sunday, February 5, 2023

P0rn Website Rewards Man $10,000 For Watching 1 Million P0rn0 Videos Within 90 Days


A man has received a handsome reward for watching as high as 1 million P0rn videos on P0rnhub within 3months.

The man, who is claimed to be a Ghanaian who has naturalised in the UK was rewarded with a lifetime supply of Vaseline and tissue.

He also received a cash prize of $ 10,000, according to reports.

P0rnhub is said to have made the announcement on its website on Friday saying: ‘After years and years of videos and users, finally a user has reached a milestone no one thought could be possible’.

‘This was recognized today by P0rnhub’s team of statisticians, who, after sorting the list of views per user, found that this user reached one million videos three months ago’.

A statement said that P0rnhub’s online statisticians ‘Immediately talked to the CEO of the company, who decided that this user needed to be awarded for his loyalty to the site and for doing something that many consider impossible.’


According to information, ‘The guy was clapped by a crowd of around one hundred P0rnhub employees, and he was congratulated by every single one of them’.

Here is a new way to make good m0ney. The website says the next person to break the record will be awarded with 100 thousand dollars.


Kasatintin.com’s investigations reveal Jessica Jaymes acted in more than 200 films over the course of her career.

Jessica actually started doing s0ft p0rn in 2002 at age 26 but got her big break in 2004.

In 2008, Jessica co-founded Sp!zoo, a world class p0rn0graphic film studio which produced a million hardc0re $ex vide0s. Click on this link to watch some of her videos.

Is there anything good in watching p0rno?


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