More Single Women In Search Of Rich Husbands Just Like Osei Kwame Despite’s Son St0rm Pastor Amoateng’s Church For Miracle

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Pastor Daniel Amoateng, the Ghanaian man of God who foretold the big wedding between Tracy and Osei Kwame Despite’s son has become a ‘hot cake’.

Kennedy Osei and his wife, Tracy got social media and even mainstream media talking for weeks following their lavish white wedding ceremony held last weekend.

Indeed, Pastor Amoateng emphatically stated in an exclusive video available to that Tracy was destined to be married into a rich family- and it came to pass.

Our investigations reveal that Pastor Amoateng gave the prophecy just last year, November 2019 and it has been manifested in February 2020.

Kennedy-Tracy wedding has now become the standard through which any other ‘perfect white wedding’ is measured in Ghana today.

The new ‘standard’ has put pressure on young people who intend to marry this year.

It is alleged that some families have temporarily called off their daughters’ marriage, giving an ultimatum to the suitors to comply with the ‘standard’.

More and more single women, including slayqueens who are desperately in search of rich husbands like Osei Kwame Despite’s son are now running to Pastor Amoateng for instant miracle.

Pastor Amoateng could be on his way to riches and have his name enlisted in the ‘Hall of Fame’ just as his colleague prophets, Angel Obinim and Reverend Obofour.

Time changes. Pastor Amoateng’s Power of Worship International Church which was previously a non-existing religious entity now pops up in Google search and other search engines.

Pastor Amoateng’s church is also the people’s church now.

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He is reported to have told Ghanaweb that ‘A couple of people have come to the church. But most of them that came, their friends had already told them about the church.

So immediately the video came out, then they were like oh that your pastor, that your pastor…we have been here for only two years. But by the grace of God,…it keeps on growing’.

But how well can he manage women, money and fame?

Watch the video below for more.

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