Man Who Kills Vultures and Sells Them as Roasted Chicken Arrested

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The Police is searching for a kebab seller in Eket, Nigeria who attempted to sell roasted vultures as chicken to unsuspecting buyers. gathers that the suspect was ‘arrested’ on Saturday by market officials when it was discovered he had stuffed ten live vultures in a large ‘Ghana-Must-Go bag’ – and was planning to prepare them for roasting.

Reports say the incident started when the vultures, suffering from the heat inside the bag, tore open a hole and attempted to escape in a grand style.

This, according to eyewitnesses attracted the attention of a large crowd who then began to question the suspect for selling vulture meat in an area which considered the eating of vulture meat as taboo.

The man caught with the vultures infuriated the crowd when he told them he had sold the cuisine for many years.

He said ‘I have been in the business for the past five years. I usually prepare some as roasted ‘chicken’ which I sell to the general public’.

A source said the crowd attempted to lyղch the man, but the market official prevented them from doing so. has learnt that the suspect managed to escape during the chaos, and officials were unable to recapture him.

The market officials then proceeded to set the frightened vultures on fire. The officials have since reported the incident to the police.

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