Kumawood Actress Shugatiti ‘Begs’ Fan To Buy Her New Dross

Kumawood actress Abena Serwaa Frimpong Manso also known as Shugatiti has been caught live on Instagram begging one of her fans to buy her a new set of undies.

The actress who has said she prefers men who last l0nger in bed, at least 40 minutes literally lowered her standard after one of her Instagram fans aj_the_good_ posted a sarcastic comment about her dressing.

The Ghanaian celebrity is known to be an ‘Instagram str!pper’ so the fan was pretty surprised to see Shugatiti in a church dress on social media.

Nau9hty Shugatiti shared photos of her dress in a separate post on her Instagram page saying ‘How was church lovelies …’ and ‘Ohk so I met with him today..’

The comments that followed praised the actress for covering up her body and wanted it not to be a nine-day wonder.

aj_the_good_ reacted to the post (as in seen in the screenshot below) and said ‘U look decent today Aden wo bra n dross asa anaa’.


‘Yes so be generous enough to buy me new ones’, Shugatiti replied @aj_the_good_.

Should we take this comment as a joke?


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