Fella Makafui ‘Mysteriously’ Gives Birth Few Hours After Her Traditional Wedding (See Video)

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It’s hard to believe this. Has Fella Makafui given birth?

A photo of Fella Makafui and a baby has popped up on the internet few hours after she got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Medikal.

Fella Makafui is seen on a hospital bed with her ‘mysterious’ baby on her side.

Comedian DKB first shared the photo on his Instagram page urging Medikal to take good care of the baby and mother Makafui who has now changed her name to Precious Frimpong because of marriage.

Fella Makafui and her husband have f00led the public several times since they started their controversial relationship.

First, they made up their recent break up and come back.

PHOTO: Screenshot of DKB’s Instagram post

A few hours ago, Fella Makafui fainted during her traditional wedding and was rushed to the hospital.

She later explained it was a prank to test the extent of her husband’s love.

The newly wedded couple are always looking for attention. The latest photo which they have thrown out on social media through Konkonsa King Kong DKD may just be another trick to catch an attention.

Kasatintin.com has learnt that the viral photo in which Fella Makafui is seen humbly lying bedside a ‘mysterious’ baby is a shot from the movie ‘Sugar’-produced by musician Kidi- which starred Fella Makafui and DKB.

But there is also an evidence which seeks to confirm that Fella Makafui has actually welcomed a new baby.

There is more information in the video below. Watch now.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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