Monday, November 28, 2022

We Want To Have S£x At Least Once A Week–Female Prisoners Beg Officials


Lack of s3x can kill a woman.

Some inmates of Mtangani GK Prison in Malindi, Kilifi County of Kenya have pleaded with government to make new laws that will give them the freedom to enjoy s3xual interc0urse anytime their partners pay them a visit at the prison.

Speaking on behalf of other inmates, Sofia Swaleh who is serving a life sentence said the time allocated to their visiting spouses and relatives is brief and does not allow for s3xual intimacy.  

Sophia said:

‘The Government, through the leadership of Kenyan prisons, should introduce a law that allows women serving lengthy jail terms enjoy s3xual intimacy with their visiting husbands.’


But Mtangani GK Prison Senior Administrator, Purity Nkatha Muthaura stated that it would be highly impossible to allow the female inmates and even their male counterparts to enjoy conjugal rights currently except a new law is passed by Parliament. 


The quest to have conjugal visits introduced in the country’s lawful detention centres hit a dead end in 2014, when the Government ruled out the possibility of entertaining the suggestion on grounds of ‘not being ready for it.’ gathers that more than 70 per cent of women imprisoned in Kenya are behind bars as the result of violating the Liquor Act, particularly brewing and selling alc0h0l (such as  busaa and chang’aa) without licence.


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