Saturday, October 1, 2022

I Want To Lose My Virginity Before Coronavirus Kills Me – Nigerian Actress Destiny Amaka

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Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka says she is now prepared to have s*x before the deadly coronavirus gets worse and k!lls her.

Amaka, who claims to be a virgin stated in a social media post that she wants to experience s*x as much as she can before we are all wiped away by the virus.

Amaka is looking for a guy to break her v!rgin!ty. Are you the one?

The well respected actress said ‘If we’re all going to die and you have a crush on me pls tell me ooo’.

Check out Destiny Amaka’s full Instagram post as sighted by below:


‘With all this Corona biko if we’re all going to die and you have a crush on me pls tell me ooo, I want to experience as much as I can before we’re all wiped away by this virus 🤧😩 me that was keeping my virginity….🙄 now I have to nak b4 it’s too late’.


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