Saturday, October 1, 2022

It’s Getting Scary! Ghana To Confirm Third Suspected Coronavirus Case


Ghana will be announcing its third suspected case of COVID-19.

JoyNews reports that ‘The suspected sufferer, who works with a mining company, is said to have returned to the Kotoka International Airport after a trip abroad this week and flew to Obuasi by helicopter.

‘Upon arrival at the airport, he looked sick and would not allow anyone to even touch his bag’.

According to JoyNews, he reported himself to a health facility in Kumasi where a series of tests were conducted. He is said to have tested positive.

‘The sufferer is reportedly under quarantine receiving treatment and undergoing medical observation’.


Government is expected to make an official announcement on this development very soon.


In a related news, Nollywood actress Destiny Amaka says she is now prepared to have s*x before the deadly coronavirus gets worse and k!lls her.

Amaka, who sees herself as a virgin stated in a social media post that she wants to experience s*x as much as she can before we are all wiped away by the virus.


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