Sunday, February 5, 2023

KNUST ‘Broken Heart’ Video: Nana Ama Accepts Sammy Back After TV Presenter Gives Her 1000 Boxes Of Delay Sardine


Nana Ama and her ‘broken heart’ student boyfriend Sammy are in the news again.

In a video which hit social media this week, Sammy was seen crying like a baby after Nana Ama caught him cheating and decided to call off their relationship.

Sammy wept uncontrollably and smashed his expensive mobile phone in one video Kasatintin.com sighted on the internet.

The information is that Nana Ama dumped Sammy after he received a bl0wj0b from another lady at Wendy Shay concert held on campus.

‘On Saturday der was a show going on at Indece hall and Wendy Shay was performing. So most of de girls went. So he went to our girl’s syd wid de some level 100 girl n dey did bl0wj0b.Wen he came bck he started telling our boys n I tink some 1 told his GF.’

But Sammy has denied he ever had an affair with another lady as alleged on social media and published by some bloggers.


Speaking about his break up for the first time on Koo TV, the KNUST student admitted he was heartbroken and couldn’t think straight due to the incident.

The good news is that the two ex-lovers have successfully resolved the issues which broke their past relationship.


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