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‘Potholes Give Me Multiple 0rgasm. I Now Prefer Walking To The Office, Supermarket’—Woman, 61 Shares Her Story


A Ghanaian woman, 61 named Auntie Esi is completely annoyed with herself as she reaches her 0rgasm anytime she drives over a pothole or rides a lift or even gets closer to a phone which is on vibration.

Auntie Esi, who is now a widow is saddled with an abnormal $exual condition known as Persistent Gen!tal Arou$al Disorder (PGAD).

This condition affects an estimated one per cent of women globally.

Auntie Esi told in an exclusive interview that, she has no control over climax when going out and this has drastically ruined her life.

‘I used to stay around the train station but I relocated because I had continuous orgasm each time a train moved. It was terrible’, she said.

 Auntie Esi noted that ‘There’re times where I get wet all day. In such situations, I have to change my pants like more than twenty times.’


According to her ‘Ninety per cent of my life has been rough. The other ten per cent is also not so good. It’s like I live on a different planet.

‘Have I been cur$ed?’Auntie Esi asked but added ‘I had to give up working and stay at home. I don’t go to church and attend parties and other social functions anymore because just moving from one point to the other sets my orgasm off.’


According to the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine, women with this disorder may experience the following:

1.  The physiological responses characteristic of $exual arou$al (genital vasocongestion and sensitivity) persist for an extended period of time (hours to days) and do not subside completely on their own;

2. The genital arou$al does not resolve completely despite one or more orgasms;

3.  The persistent genital arou$al is experienced as unbidden, intrusive, and unwanted;

4. The persistent genital arou$al may be triggered not only by $exual activity but by non$exual stimuli as well (e.g., vibrations from a car);

5. There is at least a moderate or greater feeling of distress associated with the experience.

Living with PGAD is indeed very demanding. There is a lack of understanding of the problem.

Woman who experience PGAD mostly feel ashamed, and hesitate to seek help. The syndrome has been recently described, and understanding is still evolving.

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Note: Article written with extra materials from the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine


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