EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Russia Releases Over 500 Lions On The Street To Keep People At Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

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Russian leader Vladimir Putin has reportedly released more than 500 tigers and lions onto the streets of Russia to force people to stay at home in a bid to control the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

Russia has confirmed that over 200 people have been infected with the deadly virus also known as COVID-19.

To prevent more people from catching the disease, President Putin, a few days ago ordered citizens to stay at home for two weeks or go to jail for 5 years but a lot of people did not comply with the new directive.

Putin is determined to win the fight against COVID-19 hands down, however every citizen must first obey the law or measures government has put in place.

According to a tweet sighted by Kasatintin.com:

‘President Vladimir Putin has released more than 500 lions and tigers on the streets of Russia just to ensure that people are staying indoors’.

Who does not fear a lion? Let’s see how many people will go against the president’s directive this time round.

Coronavirus has messed up the world economy. There is shortage of toilet paper in the US right now. There is more in the video below.

Watch now.


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