Over 72,000 Mice, 800 Rats, 650 Grass cutters Killed During Makola Market Fumigation– Statistical Service Reveals

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The Ghana Statistical Service is reported to have revealed that the fumigation exercise which was carried out on Monday, March 23, 2020, in various markets in Accra and Tema resulted in the death of more than 80,000 animals at the Makola market alone.

The animals that were killed in the process included mice, rats, grass cutters, cockroaches, snakes, among others.

Reports sighted by Kasatintin.com online claimed that the Statistical Service estimated that a total of 72,000 mice , 800 rats and 650 grass cutters died during the recent fumigation exercise at Makola market.

‘For years, the Makola market has been one of the busiest hubs for these animals – using the marketplace as their conference facility and place of abode’, one officer who led the fumigation exercise is claimed to have said.


The Statistical Service is yet to receive data from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly on the total number of animals which died in Madina and other markets noted as notorious spots for rats and mice.

But rumours suggest that more than 455,000 rodents and insects were killed after government fumigated all the markets in Accra and Tema on Monday.


Government fumigated these marketplaces to fight coronavirus but it ended up killing these innocent animals.

City Authorities are considering a mass burial for the ‘fallen victims’. This decision is likely to be made public before the weekend.


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