The World To End This Month: Jesus Returning To Earth On July 29 For Judgment Day. Check Out The Details

A religious group known as End Times Prophecies has claimed that the World will end on July 29, a day they say Jesus will return to Earth and judge every human being.

The group said in a viral video sighted by that ‘The second coming of Jesus Christ occurs at the same time the world is plagued with the deadly coronavirus’.

The group backed their ‘end of the world ‘claim with Bible verse (Leviticus 26:16) saying:

‘I will punish you. I will bring disaster on you – incurable diseases and fevers that will make you blind and cause your life to waste away’.


Indeed, millions of people across the world have been infected with coronavirus globally. Hundreds of people have also died due to the pandemic.

But the end of the world is not only linked COVID-19 outbreak.


The group maintained that ‘The surge in catastrophic earthquake globally and the incidence of magnetic pillar flip are signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ’.

It said ‘On the day which Jesus returns, there will be a polar reversal… Revelations 6:12 says, ‘There was a violent earthquake, and the Sun became black like coarse black cloth, and the moon turned completely red like blood, the stars fell down to the Earth, like ripe figs falling from the tree when a strong wind shakes it.’


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