Monday, November 28, 2022

Bizzare: Man Eaten By Crocodile After He Broke Lockdown Orders To Go Fishing (See Video)

TRENDING VIDEO: Watch, share video. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, Kasatintin TV has learnt that a poor Rwandan man has been eaten by a hungry crocodile after he broke lockdown orders to go fishing.

According to information, the unidentified man was killed Wednesday while fishing on the Nyabarongo river.

The Mayor of the area is said to have confirmed the incident to a local media saying the deceased ‘Had broken the stay-home rule, he’s among very few people here who are not cooperating with the lockdown to stop the virus’.

Most governments have urged their people to stay at home as a measure to contain the spread of coronavirus.

In most of cases, the military have taken over the streets to enforce lockdown orders.

Russia is not joking at all with this exercise which is aimed at bringing the pandemic to an end once and for all.


Russian leader Vladimir Putin reportedly released more than 500 tigers and lions onto the streets of Russia to force people to stay at home in a bid to control the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

A tweet which ‘confirmed’ the ‘fatal decision’ of the Russian leader said:


Watch now.

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