Ghanaians Rush For ‘Miracle Hair’ Which Is Claimed To Cure Coronavirus (See Video)

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The outbreak of coronavirus has certainly had a negative effect on the psychology of people, especially Ghanaians.

Social media was on Thursday morning flooded with information that a 5-year-old girl in the Central Region of Ghana has received a revelation from God.

Reports suggested that God opened Heaven and spoke directly to this little girl on the day the nation was engaged in a National prayer and fasting to beseech God for his mercy to fight the deadly coronavirus.

So, God opened the girl’s eyes and instructed her to tell the world to search every chapter and verses of the Bible; they will come across five strands of hair.

He further directed the girl to tell every human being whosoever wish to be saved from the coronavirus infection to put the hair in water and use the Bible verse from where the hair was found as a prayer point. After this, the person must drink the water.

According to information, this revelation first came from Allah during an Islamic prayer session in Mecca.

Some Ghanaians, indeed believe the message that was shared across various social media platforms on Thursday. can report that a lot of people have religiously complied with the instructions in the anonymous message which they received on the internet.

Not surprising, people have turned all the chapters in their Bibles; they finally found the strands of hair.

They have also meditated, prayed over a glass or bottle of of water just as have been directed in the social media message.

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What else? They think they have conquered coronavirus.

Some of the people shared their story with in the video below.

Watch now.

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