What’s Your City’s Favourite S* x Positi0n? Kumasi People Prefer D0ggy While Those In Accra, Takoradi Love the 69, C0wg!rl

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Coronavirus pandemic has compelled President Nana Akufo-Addo  partially  lockdown  some part of the country, where significant numbers of the viral infections have been recorded.

In effect, government has restricted movement of people in Accra, Kumasi and Kasoa as measure to contain the novel coronavirus.

These areas will be under ‘curfew’ for two weeks effective Monday 30th March, 2020.

People have been advised to stay home. A lot of you are indoor. Only a few people can avoid having s* x within this crucial period COVID-19 has killed millions of people globally.

But you don’t fear anything. The lockdown has presented you with the rare opportunity to ch0p yourself from morning to evening.

Kasatintin.com conducted an online survey to find out what the most preferred s* x positi0ns in Ghana are, and which city favours what when it comes to the bedr00m antics.

Three main cities – Kumasi, Accra and Takoradi – were included in the study.

Participants in these geographical areas indicated their favourite ch0pping positi0ns and which of them they find awesome this corona and lockdown season.

Classic positi0ns such as missi0nary, c0wg!rl and the 69 made it to the top five most popular position, while D0ggy Style and Sta!rway to heaven remained the least position people often practise.

Over all, people in Kumasi named D0ggy, where the man enters from behind while the woman get down on her hands and knees with her legs $pread apart like Nkawkaw bypass, as their favourite positi0n. They were interested in the missi0nary positi0n too.

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Those in Accra said they were fond of the 69, sta!rway to heaven and c0wgirl positi0n.  Takoradi people also revealed they love the c0wgirl and 69 positi0n.

One male participant intimated that ‘ I can’t help it when she is on t0p. It feels good. I wish !t could be ins!de till judgement day’.

‘As for me, I like to do !t in the afternoon especially when my children are out there playing football and Ampe’, one female participant added.

Watch a demonstration of these s* x positi0ns in the video below.


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