My Boyfriend Has Been Ch0pping Me Mercilessly From Morning To Evening–Lady Shares Her Story In This Post (Read)

Not everyone is excited about the government’s decision to partially lockdown Kumasi, Accra and neighboring towns for two weeks as a measure to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus.

One of such people is Gifty Loveliest Ansah Sarkodie.

Gifty, who lives in Accra visited her fiancé in Kumasi but was unable to make a return journey to Accra on Monday due to the lockdown which took effect on 30th March, 2020.


Gifty tells she has regretted visiting her lover at the time of a lockdown.

Gifty says her boyfriend has taken advantage of the situation and make l0ve to her almost every two hours in a day.

Gifty told in an exclusive interview that:


‘He doesn’t go to the office because of the lockdown. All that he does is to ch0p me Mercilessly from morning to evening. And it happens almost every 2 hours. I beg him to stop but he says no way my tin dey sweet him’.

She added ‘I sometimes feel like flying away from Kumasi but there’s a lockdown. Lockdown at my pr!vate part too’.


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