Sunday, February 5, 2023

Drunkards Association Of Ghana Calls Emergency Meeting Over New Akpeteshie Price (See VIDEO)


Members of the Drunkards Association of Ghana are unhappy about the recent increase in the price of Akpeteshie.

There is mad rush for the locally brewed gin, Akpeteshie as most Ghanaians strongly believe the alcohol!c content of the drink could kill coronavirus.

Akpeteshie has become the substitute for hand sanitizers since Ghana recorded its first case of the deadly coronavirus.

On the market today, a bottle of hand sanitizer that sold for Ghc 20 or less days before COVID-19 set in, is now being sold between Ghc 50 to Ghc 80.

A member of the Ghana Drunkards Association, Abugri Kusasi stated in an interview with Kasatintin.com that the deadly coronavirus cannot attack people who drink akpeteshie.

‘Coronavirus is a stubborn disease. I cannot be infected with the virus because I drink akpeteshie, I brush my teeth with akpeteshie. I even bath with akpeteshie everyday; I know I’m fully protected’ Abugri Kusasi who has been drinking akpeteshie since age 10 said.


Abugri indicated that although the price of akpeteshie has gone up and run out on the market, he has a source which constantly supplies him gallons of the l!quor.

‘Shortage or no shortage I will still drink my akpeteshie’, he said in a telephone interview.


There is more in the video below. Watch now.

SOURCE: Kasatintin.com

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