Sunday, February 5, 2023

Give Us A Break In Between The Lockdown Period To Go Out And Ch0p Some D!ck– S* x Starved Lady Begs Akufo-Addo (See Photo)


President Nana Akufo-Addo on Thursday extended the restriction of movements in Greater Accra, Tema, Greater Kumasi and Kasoa by one more week.

The government initially imposed a 14 day lockdown on these areas as a measure to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the country.

Whiles staying at home, government says every citizen will enjoy free water between April and June. It will also cut electricity bill by 50% but the underprivileged will have it for free for the next three months.

Beyond the free electricity and water bills, some Ghanaians have appealed to President Akufo-Addo to allow them to go out within the lockdown period and have s* x.

‘At least give us break in between so we can go and collect d!ck Kakra wai…our humble plea’, a s* x starved social media user beg the President on Thursday.


Another lady also said ‘Please give us a day to go out. I really need some d!ck’.


It is now clear that coronavirusus will not k!ll any Ghanaian. Only lack of s* x will k!ll us by the time the extended lockdown is over.

Scientists estimate that a lot more single women will have an unusual urge for s* xual interc0urse within the lockdown period.


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