Sunday, December 4, 2022

Japan Is Offering Sex Workers $1 Trillion Financial Aid. But They Say It’s Not Enough To See Them Through The Coronavirus Crisis


Japan is trying to give sex workers in the country a leg up during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to media reports has sighted, Japan is offering financial aid to members of the oldest profession whose daily source of income has ceased amid social distancing protocols.

The country’s central government is said to have launched a massive stimulus package worth about 108 trillion Japanese yen — nearly $1 trillion — to bolster the country during the impending economic downturn.

Initially, sex workers weren’t included in the stimulus package. Activists were very unhappy about this ‘occupational discrimination’.

This sparked a massive pushback from activists and opposition members as the hashtag #NightWorkIsAlsoWork went viral on social media.


‘I wonder when this country started ranking people’s lives, said one tweet. ‘Do you abandon single mothers who work in the night business and people who need to work for a living? Stop being prejudiced, stop discriminating based on people’s jobs, stop being misogynistic.’


One Japanese advocacy organisation, Sex Work And Sexual Health (SWASH) also piled pressure on the Japanese government to do something about the plight of the night workers who have been forced to stay at home due to the COVID19 pandemic.

In a letter to the government on April 2, 2020 SWASH said:


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