Monday, November 28, 2022

Obinim In Big Trouble Over Another Fake Miracle He Performed In His Church

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The founder and leader of the International God’s Way Church, Angel Daniel Obinim has healed a man in a wheelchair but a lot more people have questioned his latest miracle saying it is not real.

A video of Angel Obinim healing the sick man has gone viral and it is a trending issue which has caught the attention of Netizens since Monday.

In the trending video which has seen, Obinim performed one of his ridiculous miracles by using a man who supposedly has trouble walking.

The man in the wheelchair continuously tapped Obinim’s back upon instructions given by the man of God.

Obinim then makes a strange sound, says a few words in his head whiles his back is still facing the ‘cripple’.


Unknown to him, the man seated in the wheelchair quickly stood up, started jubilating for more than 3000 seconds before Obinim finally opened his mouth and ordered him to get up from his chair and walk.


Some social media users believe this miracle was stage-managed. The controversy on this miracle is about the difference in the timing of Obinim’s command to the man to get up from his chair and walk and when the supposed lame person actually started walking.

You will not agree with those who have raised concerns until you see for yourself how Angel Obinim performed the miracle in the video below.


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