Saturday, October 1, 2022

Andy Dosty Attacked By Soldier Live In Hitz FM Studio (See Video)


Ghanaian DJ and presenter Andy Dosty has been attacked by a soldier.

Andy Dosty was hosting the Daybreak Hitz morning show when the solider, who was wearing face mask bumped into the studio and demanded he be handcuffed and sent away.

But Andy Dosty protested and screamed for the radio station’s security to come to his rescue; nobody responded.

The soldier asked him to shut up and just comply with his orders. Andy Dostyy became very calm at this point.

He however heaved a sigh of relief after the soldier removed his mask. That was when Andy Dosty realized it was his colleague presenter Captain Smart who had pulled a funny prank on him on May Day.


Watch Andy Dosty and Captain Smart’s video below.


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