Popular Ghanaian Pastor ‘Apraku My Daughter’ Dies. Ex-Wife Apparently Warned Him About The Same Thing Which Took His Life (READ)

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Popular Ghanaian pastor Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku, also known as ‘Apraku My Daughter’ has passed on.

The demise of the one-time evangelist was confirmed on Tuesday, May 20. He was found dead in his home at Kasoa Adom Estate.

He died in his own room a day after he was sighted in a viral video disgracefully drunk and walking about like a lazy pregnant lion.

The cause of death is however unknown as of now, yet some Netizens already suspect ‘Apraku My Daughter’ might have committed suicide.

‘Apraku My Daughter’s Ex-Wife Weeps

The ex-wife of the fallen evangelist has opened up on what possibly killed the one-time famous pastor.

She became teary as she talked about the man she once shared intimacy with.

In an emotional interview on Kofi TV monitored by Kasatintin.com, the woman said she had a good relationship with her late husband because of the children they had together. And she always cooked good meals for him anytime he paid them a visit.

She was quite saddened by how the late pastor ended up in life despite the wealth he had back in the day.

She disclosed that as a caring wife she was concerned about the welfare of her husband but ‘Apraku My Daughter’ wouldn’t listen to advice.

She therefore decided to walk out of the marriage in 2003.

‘I am very sad. I have gone inside the room and I saw him lying there. If he had listened to my advice he would have been alive by now, she said and added:

It wouldn’t have ended this way. I spoke to him many times but he didn’t listen and I couldn’t force him so I had to break up and move on with my life’.

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Apraku My Daughter’: From Grace To ‘Glass’

‘Apraku My Daughter’ founded the King Jesus Evangelistic Ministry International in Kumasi in the early 90s. He established close to 25 branches but his ministry mysteriously collapsed along the line.

Quite remarkably, ‘Apraku My Daughter’ and Prophet Kumchacha are ‘class mates’. They started the prophetic ministry almost the same period.

Unfortunately, our beloved Apraku ended up as a serious drunkard. From grace to glass!

Did ‘Apraku My Daughter’ Die A Pauper?

In 2019, Apraku My Daughter’ visited Reverend Obofour’s church to seek for help – financial ans spiritual.

Obofour prayed for Apraku after which he reportedly gifted him an undisclosed amount of money and a plush car.

In addition to this, Obofour prophesied to him that he will rise again and be restored his former glory, but he died on Wednesday, May 20, 2020.

Demirifa due, Apraku My Daughter!

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